Selected Client Case Studies

Electric Rate Tariff Change. Audit review and input into Cleary Energy’s proprietary rate tariff software found that with the facility electric use, a rate change from G-2 General Service rate, to a G-3 Time of Use Rate the facility saved the first year and will continue to save $9,700 annually.

Gas Rate Tariff Change. Facility had a substantial reduction in gas use. Cleary Energy changed their transportation gas rate Tariff R30 a large use gas account to a Rate R10 small use account with an annual saving averaging $10,000 per year  going forward forever.

Small 90 bed Independent Operator Recovered $25,000 in retroactive charges from Electric and Gas Utility Company account. Annual savings going forward is $7,500 per year due to an incorrect state tax classification.

Large Facility Malfunctioning Main Water Meter. Audit Research found a facility water meter with wrong usage reads over a four-year period. Facility pre-audit had asked for and received a $25,000 refund from the water company and $20,000 refund from the sewer authority prior to the audit. Cleary Energy’s research reviewed six years of history, extrapolated actual use, and negotiated an additional $56,000 in a Water Company refund and $256,000 in sewer authority refund including both the meter errors and duplicate billings. While this is not typical, the facility saved over $300K retroactively.