Cleary Energy FAQs

Cleary Energy performs Utility Bill Audits by examining utility, supplier and government charges on utility bills to obtain refunds and/or credits and rate reductions.

Cleary Energy audits Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Heating Oil, Water, Sewer, Diesel Fuel, and Telecommunications.

The Audit Agreement is a shared saving agreement for a period of three years. We guarantee savings, or the audit is free. If no refund, saving or credits are received, you will owe nothing to Cleary Energy.

Authorization documents allow the release of billing information needed for the audit. Cleary Energy represents your interests in the collection and auditing of utility and supplier usages and billing. Billing information includes both paper and online electronic access. The majority of information will come to Cleary Energy directly from the utilities or suppliers.

You only need to supply Cleary Energy with one month of current invoices for each utility and supplier. It’s as simple as that.

An easy to use Account Set Up Checklist will be provided to you which asks for basic company information: management company name, facility corporate name, DBA operating name, address, administrator contact, primary corporate contact, number of units or beds, levels of care, and whether the company is nonprofit or taxpaying.