Telecommunications and network services are some of the largest operating expenses for most companies. Most organizations now spend $150-$350 per employee per month on communications services. Few companies track their communications expenses with the diligence they apply to other expenses.

A Telcom Audit evaluates the usage and cost of all business communications including internet, wireless, as well as local and long distance services.

Would a Telcom Audit Benefit Your Company?

You would save money from a communications audit if you:

  • Have more than 5 communication lines or 10 wireless phones
  • Spend more than $3,000 monthly on communication expenses
  • Have more than 3 telcom accounts
  • Have experienced rapid growth or downsizing over the last three years
  • Have made significant changes to telecommunication services in the past three years
  • Have made significant changes to locations in the past three years
  • Had your telecom audit more than two years ago
  • Are one of the following types of enterprises
    • A healthcare provider
    • A business or professional services firm
    • A multiple-site retailer
    • A manager of commercial property
    • A manufacturing facility